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The Periodic Table of Education Technology

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The editors at Daily Genius (dailygenius.com) have decided to organize the top educational technology tools into a simple graphic available to all. They looked for the best ways to organize data into a single visual and took their cue from the Periodic Table of the Elements. The result is a visually appealing chart where Ed Tech tools, websites and events are organized by their purpose/function. The Daily Genius covers Ed Tech on a daily basis and they tried to include all of their favorite conferences and products. They also took suggestions from their online community of readers and contributors. Kathy Schrock contributed by making a clickable PDF version of their graphic that you can download here.


They will be updating this chart a couple of times a year so that it remains as relevant as possible so check it out! You may find a new tool, conference, app, or web tool that you might want to use in the coming year.