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                                                                        Google Classroom -alicekeeler.com
                                                                     - What's New in Classroom - from Google
                                                                     - Google Classroom Training Guide & Resources - from Synergize
                                                                    - Chrome Extensions and Google Docs Add-ons to Aid in Reading - DISD internal guide



Google Drive Help Center
Google Drive Learning Center
10 Drive Tips for Teachers
Google Drive Cheat Sheet - shakeuplearning.com
How to Get Started With Drive
- Gamify Searching Google Drive - alicekeeler.com
- Installing Google Drive for Windows and the Google Drive Plug-In for Microsoft Office
- Ultimate Guide to Google Drive - from The Gooru
- 3 Easy Ways to Backup/Migrate Your Google Drive Data - Miguel Guhlin on TCEA TechNotes Blog


Gmail Help Center
Gmail Learning Center
Ultimate Guide to Gmail - thegooru.com
Gmail Tips - Making email Groups
Gmail Tips - How to Upload Attachments to Gmail using the Right-Click Menu in Windows


Google Calendar Help Center
Calendar Learning Center
Google Calendar Cheat Sheet
Add a Shared Resource Calendar to your Google Calendar
Setting Up Text and Email Reminders in Google Calendar


Chrome Help Center
Google Chrome Cheat Sheet - shakeuplearning.com
The Easy Guide to Google Chrome - MakeUseOf.com
100+ Chrome Apps & Extensions for Teachers and Students- shakeuplearning.com
- Back to School with Google Chrome: The Complete Guide! - shakeuplearning.com
- Google Chrome Tabs Tips Poster - from the edtechteam


Google Docs Help Center
Google Docs Learning Center
Google Docs Cheat Sheet - shakeuplearning.com
Google Docs Cheat Sheet - from Google
Google Docs: Access, Create, Edit and Print
10 Back-To-School Tips for Teachers Using Google Docs
- 12 Excellent Add-Ons for Google Docs - controlaltachieve.com
- Google Docs Tips Poster - edtechteam


Google Drawings Help Center
Google Drawings Help - from Google
Google Drawings Cheat Sheet - shakeuplearning.com
- Directions for Google Drawings
- Google Drawing Templates - Templates for classroom use
- How Students Can Use Google Drawings to Create Greeting Cards - controlaltachieve.com


Google Forms Help Center
Google Forms Learning Center
Google Forms Cheat Sheet - shakeuplearning.com
Google Forms Cheat Sheet - from Google
Easy Steps for Creating a Self-Grading Quiz in Google Spreadsheet from a Google Forms Quiz
8 Steps to Create Engaging Google Forms (for teachers)


- Google for Education on Google+
-  Excellent Teacher Tips on the Use of Google Plus in Education - educatorstechnology.com
- 20 Awesome Google+ Tips for Teachers
- Google+ for Educators - tons of resources from Steven W. Anderson


Search Help Center
Google Search Help
Google Guide - Making Searching Even Easier
- Power Searching with Google - online courses and self-paced learning
- Google Search Tutorial on TedED
- Google Power Search Infographic


Google Sheets Help Center
Google Sheets Learning Center
Google Sheets Cheat Sheet - shakeuplearning.com
- Search Better Google Search Tips - gcflearnfree.org


Google Slides Help Center
Google Slides Learning Center
Google Slides Cheat Sheet - shakeuplearning.com
- Google Slides Tip Poster - edtechteam


YouTube Help Center
YouTube Help
YouTube Edu
YouTube Teachers
YouTube for Educators - nea.org


- Google Accessibility - Google's list of tools and features to provide accessibility to all in the Chrome OS, Chrome Browser and all Google products
- GAFE Accessibility Tools Poster - from the edtechteam



Google Books - Search the world's most comprehensive index of full-text books.  Search for books, free books and classics to add to your private bookshelf.  Share bookshelves of digital books with students. Download the app to read your books on mobile devices.
About Google Books - from Google - learn all about using Google Books
Google Books Tutorial - from Perry High School Tech on YouTube.
Google Books Help Center - from Google
How to Use Google Play Books - from Google
A Short Guide to Using Google Books for Research - freetech4teachers.com



- 10 Simple Ways to Use Google Cardboard in the Classroom -       edtech4beginners.com
- Get to Know Google Cardboard for Education - friedtechnology.com
- Google Cardboard Apps for The Classroom - friedtechnology.com
- Google Cardboard Help Center - from Google
- Google Cardboard for Education on Google+
- Google Cardboard Tips Poster - edtechteam

- Google Cardboard Website - from Google



Google Earth Help Center - from Google (not available for Chromebooks)
- Google Earth Tutorial - from Google
- Exploring Mars, Moon and Sky - tutorials for exploring above the Earth's surface

- Google Earth for Educators - 50 Exciting Ideas for the Classroom
- 23 Interesting Ways to Use Google Earth in the Classroom - from Mark Belinsky
- Using Google Earth in the History Classroom - from teachinghistory.org
- Using Google Earth for Science - from teachhub.com
- Google Earth in the Classroom on Pinterest - one of many good boards with ideas for using Google Earth

                                                                       in the Classroom



Google Maps Help Center - from Google
Google Maps for Education - classroom ideas from Google
Google Maps Gallery - get some great ideas while looking at examples of maps done by others, including student projects
Google My Maps in Your Classroom - from ryanoriliolcom - type Google Maps into the search box on his blog.  Great ideas for classroom use.

My Maps in Google Drive: Create Interactive Maps - from Mickey McFetridge at classtechintegrate.blogspot.com - Feb. 2016 post



Google News Tutorial - from Perry High School Tech
Google News in the Classroom - from WestEd for Google
How to Use Google News in the Classroom - from Laura Radford

This is How to Search Google's Scanned Newspaper Archives - from Educational Technology & Mobile Learning - Do you know that Google has a newspaper search archive that embeds copies of papers dating back to the 19th century? Tips on how to search Google newspaper archives.
Comprehensive List of Archived Newspapers in Google News



Panoramio - Share and Explore the World in Photos (Note: Panoramio may be merged with Views in Google Maps at any time) - Nice site for students to search for photos of the world.

Panoramio Tutorial - YouTube video from Lindsay Chernoff






How To Create A Custom Search Engine For Your Students - create your own custom Google Search engine to guide students just to the search resources and sites you want them to use from teachthought.net
Custom Search Help - from Google
Create a Google Custom Search Engine - from edutechmag.org
A Simple Visual Guide to Create Google Custom Search Engine for Your Class Blog or Website from
                                                                     - Custom Google Search for your classroom - YouTube tutorial  from Klista Rader
                                                                     - How to Set Up a Google Custom Search Engine - YouTube tutorial from NTAP videos