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Online Registration Instructions

Online Registration for the 2020-2021 School Year is coming soon!

Dalhart ISD is excited to announce that registration for the upcoming school year will be done online this year.  For our Parents, this means you will have less forms to fill out, you won’t have to wait in long lines, register when it is convineint for you, and we still maintain social distancing.

The transition to online registration will occur in several steps:

  1. Dalhart ISD will  mail you your student’s Parent Portal ID
  2. Create a Parent Portal account.  (Instruction Below)
  3. Wait for Registration to open.   Look for annoucements on our website, facebook, and twitter
  4. When Registration is open, log into your Parent Portal account and enroll your child
  5. Done!

Parents and Guardians who have an existing Parent Portal account, please login to make sure your account is still active.  Students new to Dalhart ISD will need to enroll in person at the campus they will attend.

Parent Portal account creation instructions: