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Migrant Services

Title I, Part C Migrant Education Program

What is the Migrant Education Program (MEP)?

  • Federal program created in 1965 under ESEA and reauthorized most recently in 2015 under ESSA.
  • Purpose to assist state in improving educational opportunities for migrant children to succeed in regular school programs, meet the state’s academic standards, and graduate from high school.
  • Feds grant money to states and then states subgrant funds to local education agencies. Migrant funds are used to:
  • Identify and recruit
  • Provide supplemental academic and support services to migrant students

Who is a migratory child?

  • A migratory agricultural worker/fisher themselves or child/youth who in the preceding 36 months made a qualifying move with or to join a parent, spouse, or guardian who is a migratory agricultural worker or migratory fisher.
  • Has moved from one school district to another.
  • Between the ages 3 through 21.
  • Lacking a U.S. issued high school diploma or equivalency certificate

What services are provided through the MEP?

  • Directly benefit the migrant child
  • Supplemental
  • Address migrant-specific needs and not met with other program services

What does the SSA/District Migrant Services provide?

  • Academic support for migrant students: Interventionists, STAAR Burst, School supplies, laptops, and graphing calculators
  • Graduation Enhancement: Migrant Counselor, Post-Secondary Planning Guide and monthly newsletters
  • Secondary Credit Exchange and Accrual: Historical grades from MSIX, Credit-by-Exam, PASS Curriculum
  • Curriculum and supplies for Early Childhood Education
  • Instruction and engagement of migrant parents so they can become more involved in their child’s education

Contact Information:

701 E 10th Street
Dalhart, TX 79022

Phone: 806-244-9419
Fax: 806-244-7375


Rachel Rivera
Director of Migrant Services

Mariam Fred
MEP Recruiter

Gloria Amaya
ABB Home Educator


Migrant Services