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Welcome to DISD Curriculum! We are dedicated to providing students, parents and teachers information about Dalhart ISD's instructional programs and services.

Our Philosophy

Dalhart Independent School District believes that all students are learners. The learning community accomplishes this mission by providing challenging, interesting, and satisfying work that motivates all students to be engaged and to be persistent with work in order to learn what is important. This learning will allow students to meet the high standards of achievement established for all students.

Dalhart ISD believes that prime instruction aligns the written, taught and tested curriculum and reflects high expectations for all students. The development of core and enrichment curriculum is researched based, data driven and developed with an awareness of future trends. An ongoing cycle of curriculum design, delivery, monitoring, and evaluation ensures continual  improvement and enhanced student achievement.


Dalhart ISD Core Beliefs

  • The Dalhart community supports ALL students by valuing and respecting individual differences.
  • Dalhart ISD makes decisions based on what is BEST for kids.
  • Change is an opportunity for growth.
  • Everyone can learn and we believe that lifelong learning is essential for personal growth.
  • Education is the shared responsibility of home, school, community and business.
  • Communication allows all stakeholders to feel involved, connected and supported.


DISD Curriculum Vision

The vision of Dalhart ISD is to provide students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to become life-long learners.

Curriculum Plan 2022-2023