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School Board

"Governing the school district is the primary role of a school board. School board members are guardians of the public trust and, through the policies they make, are ultimately responsible for the success or failure of local public education. These policies dictate the standards and philosophy by which schools are run and the criteria used to judge whether they are being run well. The board serves as the advocate for educational excellence for the community’s youth and puts those interests first." 
- Texas Association of School Boards

Our Mission 

The Dalhart Independent School District Board of Trustees exists to oversee the administration of our local public education system in a manner that achieves our vision and values and also complies with Federal and State Standards. 

Our Vision:

We strive to be a model district in the following areas:

  • Student Achievement
  • Quality of Staff
  • Exceptional Governance
  • Facilities and Transportation
  • Community Engagement 

We Value:

  • Responsible school governance.
  • Setting and communicating high expectations for students learning with clear goals and plans for meeting those expectations.
  • Creating conditions for staff and student success.
  • Holding the school district accountable for meeting student learning expectations.
  • Engaging local community and representing the values and expectations they hold for their schools.

From TASB's eXceptional Governance movement


School Board